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Publishing Hints
Tip# 3433 By Dale Miksch On 24-May-2010
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Categories : Publish Manager
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Ensure a good outcome by double-checking the items on this list, including page setups, before printing.

Dale Miksch gives us some tips that should help you obtain better results when publishing your drawings.

"When I send the drawings to the printer, I always check the following before I click the Publish button:

  1. Do I have all the sheets loaded that I intend to print?
  2. Are the sheets listed in the correct order? If not, I use the Shift and Control keys to move files up or down in the list.
  3. Is the sheet configured correctly for printing? I highlight the first file, then use the down arrow on my keyboard to move through the list, making sure that the page setup information is correct for each file.
  4. Are the sheets going to be printed in the correct order, according to the publish control, so the prints come out in the correct order?
  5. Are these final prints or review prints? If they are for review, I make sure I save the list of sheets, so I do not have to repeat the steps above.

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Great tips. One of the most important is to make sure your page setups are correct. If not, then you negate the power of Publisher; it won't print your files right unless you set up the drawings page correctly. Some other items to double-check are: number of prints, plot stamp, collate, and print in background. The latter allows you to work on your current file while your selected files are printing. You can literally do two things at the same time!


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