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Use Peditaccept
Tip# 3126 By Radu Damacus On 18-Jan-2009
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Categories : Polylines
Software type : AutoCAD 2009
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Here is a tip for using PEDIT when converting objects to polylines.

Radu Damacus sent us this tip on settings used to convert objects to polylines.

PEDITACCEPT – system variable
Used in conjunction with PEDIT (PE) command
“0” -  Default
“1” - Suppresses display of the Object Selected Is Not a Polyline
 prompt: “Do you want it to turn into one?”
When the prompt is suppressed, the selected object is automatically converted to a polyline.
NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL:  This is a great setting to keep turned on.  When you go to edit an object and want to turn it into a polyline, you use the command PEDIT.  AutoCAD prompts you with a question wanting to know if you really want to convert the selected objects into a polyline.  Typically you hit the default YES because that is why you started the command.  Turning this setting to “1” will save you a step.  Good tip.  Tested in AutoCAD 2009.


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User comments
Comment by McSwain,R.K.
Posted on 2009-01-19 13:38:38
If you are writing lisp or a script and you plan on calling the ._PEDIT command, then you need to check PEDITACCEPT, because the ._PEDIT prompts will be different depending the value.
Comment by Kuenning,Chris
Posted on 2009-02-18 10:41:14
Nice time saver!
Comment by Cooper,Kent
Posted on 2013-10-18 13:27:15
[Same as Tip Tip #3516, "Toggle Polyline Conversion," and Tip # 3863, "Turn Off PEdit Polyline Prompt" and Tip #4182, "To Prompt or Not to Prompt — That Is the Variable,"]