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AEC Point Change
Tip# 2021 By Leland Leahy On 01-Mar-2005
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Categories : Points
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2021: fix-pnts.lsp
Utility changes the point inserts used in Autodesks Land Development package to point blocks.

Manage Those Drawings
The next three tips all deal with the same subject, drawing management. Drawing management is more than keeping track of where everything is stored. It is also about keeping things trim, clean and to the standards in use by you and your organization. Starting simple, AEC Point Change (Tip #2021) from Leland P. Leahy changes the point inserts used in Autodesk's Land Development package to point blocks. Although this function may be of use only to those using the Land Development system and desiring an interface to the older style of data storage, it does serve as a worthwhile example of how easy it is to write an level substitution in LISP.



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