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Reactor-Based Text Fill Mode Monitor
Tip# 2042 By Andrzej Gumula On 01-Jul-2005
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Categories : Plot/Print, Notes/Text
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2042: TextFill.LSP
make sure the Text Fill mode is on when plotting

Reactor-Based Text Fill
Another repeater to Harry's tips, Andrzej Gumula, reveals some awesome magic with his tip called Reactor-Based Text Fill Mode Monitor (Tip #2042). AutoCAD operators dream about controlling the plot function, and this utility reveals the basics of how to do it. In this case the job at hand is to make sure the Text Fill mode is on when plotting. By using a reactor attached to the AutoCAD command object, the program checks to see if the Plot command was started. When a plot operation is initiated, the reactor forces Text Fill to a value of 1. This tip is a well-written gem that discloses how easy it is to modify the plot command system in AutoCAD. One note of caution for those wanting to do more: Reactors need to be programmed with uttermost care. The Visual LISP documentation clearly spells out some things to be wary of when authoring reactor functions.



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