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Use Fast Keys Instead of Icons
Tip# 3811 By Maaike Johnson On 30-Jan-2012
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Use the keyboard for general command entry.

Tipster Maaike Johnson sent in a tip about using the keyboard to tell AutoCAD what to do.

"This is a pretty general tip, but it works for me. Having done this for a while, I rely on the fast keys rather than the icons. It seems a lot faster to me than trying to find something that is three to four layers deep in some of the menus on the ribbons."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: The tipster is right; this is a very general tip, but it's a good one. When entering information into AutoCAD, I recommend using the keyboard as much as possible. Keep one hand on the mouse and the other on the keys; that way you can enter the command directly into AutoCAD without having to move the mouse back and forth. If you are familiar with keyboard entry and with the keyboard shortcuts in AutoCAD, this method of input can be very efficient. Couple that with AutoCAD 2012’s autocomplete function in the Command line, and you can get to your commands very quickly.

If you aren't using keyboard entry yet, give it a try. Just like everything else in AutoCAD, the keyboard commands can be customized. Here are links to four Cadalyst Tips that demonstrate various ways to customize your keyboard inputs: 3738, 3404, 3366, and 3236.


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Comment by Aubin,Marcel
Posted on 2012-02-08 10:24:18
HI all, I'm a consulant specialized in AutoCAD and other CAD products in general. I have two comments here: First, when I teach AutoCAD, my first question to the class is « how many hands do you have ? » and after the obvious answer I add « then why do you use only one with AutoCAD » This allows me to intruduce the commans shortcuts and their use Second, almost everytime I do a call to a customer I hear the following comment « this dude is more productive than his fellows ... he launches his commants using the keybord » Marcel Aubin