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Customize Keyboard Commands in AutoCAD
Tip# 4086 By Mohammed Siraj On 18-Mar-2013
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Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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AutoCAD keyboard command shortcuts, or command aliases, can be a big time saver.

Tipster Mohammed Siraj shares a method to help you change your AutoCAD command aliases, which save a lot of time by shortening the number of keystrokes it takes to enter a command.

"To customize your AutoCAD commands, open your Windows file browser, go to Program files > Autodesk > AutoCAD 2010 > Express > alias.exe, and run the file. Click the Add button to create a new alias. Select any AutoCAD command, then type in the new alias in the Alias field. This will be your new AutoCAD shortcut key.

"Here are some examples of shortcut keys: 

construction line = xx
copy = cc
match properties=mm
revision cloud=cd 

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: AutoCAD keyboard command shortcuts, or command aliases, can be a big time saver. They shorten the number of keystrokes it takes to enter a command, and you don’t have to move your mouse all over the screen to invoke a tool.

There are several ways to edit these. If you go to the Manage tab in the ribbon, and click the Edit Aliases button in the customization panel, it will open the PGP file. This is where the command aliases are stored. You can make these changes and save the file. Once saved, type REINIT and reload the PGP file to make the changes active. This tip opens the alias file that comes with Express Tools. It does the same thing. You can also start this tool by going to the Express Tool ribbon tab and clicking the Command Aliases button in the Tools panel.


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User comments
Comment by Beazer,Paul
Posted on 2013-03-18 16:18:07
Another way of customizing your AutoCAD commands is to go to the Tools drop down menu, to the Customize line. It will pop out with options and select the Edit Program Parameters (acad.pgp) this will allow you to replace commonly used command keystrokes with whatever you like. For example, we don't use circles often so I replaced "C, *Circle" with "C, *Copy", or create your own keystrokes, in this same file. Save and close and reinit.
Comment by Van Helsland,Mike
Posted on 2013-03-18 20:37:35
If you are right handed, like myself, try to keep all these short cuts on the left hand side of the keyboard so that you can can keep your right hand on your mouse at all times (the opposite if you're left handed). The number keys can be used too. Example my polyline shortcut key is the "1", match properties is "2", multi-leader with text is "4"
Comment by brown,ron
Posted on 2013-03-25 07:20:39
Whilst basic autocad commands are great keyboard shortcuts (tip 4086), a little basic lisp code can do much more. Getting organised with sets of keystrokes can be far more productive than ribbon, tool palettes and toolbars. Included part of what I've added to acaddoc.lsp. I find it less tiring at the end of the day to pick at keys by second nature than doing flyouts, etc. You just need to get your mind adjusted to groups of keys and the world is your oyster. My example serves my needs for 4 heights of text, dims and leaders for basic floor plans. I have many other groups for different floor levels and other types of plans. PS why can't I submit a tip with thunderbird email ?
Comment by Jurado,Daniel
Posted on 2013-03-28 10:27:06
The LISP command ALIASEDIT finds Alias.exe command for you was an Express tool utility from 2009. I tried browsing to the location above and there is no AutoCAD 2010 directory. Browsing may not work because the OPTIONS command allows you to store the pigpen (.PGP) file wherever its most convenient for your workgroup. But editing this file is definitely the way to go save lots and lots of time! - Right-On Mohammed!!!