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Toggle LTScales with Tilemode Menu Bar
Tip# 3504 By Bob Welsh On 09-Oct-2010
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Categories : Paper Space
Software type : AutoCAD 2008
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Set up a toolbar to help manage visual scaling settings.

Tipster Bob Welsh sends us his trick to help manage the visual scaling settings in AutoCAD Land Desktop.

"I currently use Autodesk's Land Desktop Companion 2008. I prefer to work in true model space instead of working within a viewport. When switching from paper space with ltscale=1 to model space, it's necessary to change ltscale to the scale of the drawing in order for model space to view properly. Switching back and forth can be time-consuming when you have to change ltscale each time.

"I added a menu bar called Tilemode, and within it, I added a pull-down menu for each drawing scale that I use regularly. Here are two examples: 

  • For my model space 20 pull-down, I use the macro:
    ^C^C_tilemode 1 ltscale 20
    This will set tilemode to model space and set the linetype scale to 20 in one click of a button.
  •  For my paper space pull-down, I use the macro:
    ^C^C_Tilemode 0 ltscale 1
    This will set tilemode to paper space and set the linetype scale to 1 in one click of a button."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Setting up a toolbar to do this is not difficult. You will have to set up buttons for every scale you use for your model space work, but you only need one for the paper space scale settings, because LTScale for paper space should always be set to 1.

Since Bob is using an AutoCAD 2008 vertical, he can change the Annotation Scale setting to help with this. In model space, click the Annotation Scale button, and pick the scale. Then switch it back to 1:1 when you go into paper space.



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