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Snap to Printable Area Edges
Tip# 3994 By Tawfik Shehata On 15-Oct-2012
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Categories : Paper Space
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Create a temporary viewport to frame the printable area.

Tawfik Shehatan shares a trick that will allow you to snap to the printable edges of an AutoCAD paper space page.

"Have you ever been in the situation in which your drawing extents are too close to the layout printable area edges, but when you print it, you find some minor cropping — or you are trying to draw a frame at equal margins from the paper borders, but when you publish it, they don’t look equal? A quick way to frame the actual printable area (which is slightly smaller than the one displayed on the screen) is to create a temporary viewport using the Fit setting. Type MView followed by F. This will create a viewport covering all your actual printable area; then you can replace it with a rectangle. Be aware that you will need to repeat this if you changed the plotter used in the layout page setup, because the actual printable area for the same sheet size will vary from one device to another."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: This has always been an issue for me: How do I know exactly where those edges are? This tip will help users center their drawings' title blocks and drawing borders on their paper. It adds a new level of control over where your drawings will end up on paper. Nice little trick here!


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