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Navigate Multiple Layouts
Tip# 4503 By Alan Houston On 13-Jul-2015
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Categories : Paper Space, Other
Software type : AutoCAD 2016
Rename File To : Goto.lsp
This LISP routine helps navigate drawings with large number of layouts.

Alan has created this LISP routine to help navigate drawings with large number of layouts. When the number of layout tabs is greater than the number that can be shown in the layout tab area, navigating them manually can become tedious and, in some cases, almost impossible due to certain issues in AutoCAD.

Load this LISP file, and then run the command GOTO. It will ask you for a tab number. Don't confuse this with layout tab names. For the purpose of this routine, model space is layout 0, and the remaining layout tabs are numbered in sequential order from there. If you enter a number greater than the number of layouts, you'll be taken to the last layout tab.


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