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Create Highlighted Viewport Sheets
Tip# 3254 By Dave Drahn On 09-Aug-2009
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Categories : Paper Space
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Follow these steps to highlight different linework in a drawing using multiple viewports.

Dave Drahn sends us a method he uses to highlight different linework in a drawing using multiple viewports. 

"I've used this tip for what seems like many years. I doubt I originally came up with it, but it's possible. I've shared it a few times verbally and I don't believe I've ever seen it described in print anywhere.

"To highlight an area of interest within your site while fading back the rest, follow these steps:

"With your base files xref-ed into model space:

1.  Go to Layout, create a rectangle, and make a Region out of it.

2.  Initiate –Vports, specify Object and select the region you created.

3.  Locate your site within the viewport at the desired viewport scale factor.

4.  Still in Layout, create a circle (or other polygonal shape), and place it over the area of interest on your site.

5.  Copy that circle with Basepoint 0,0 (CNTL-SHFT-C or Copybase).

6.  Make a Region out of that circle.

7.  Use Subtract to subtract the circle region from the rectangular viewport. This will create a 'hole' in your viewport.

8.  Use Pasteblock (CNTL-SHFT-V) to paste your copied circle back into its original location. You might have to Explode it and it should appear directly over the 'hole' in your viewport.

9.  Initiate –Vports again, specify Object and select the circle you just brought back.

10. Use Express Tools -> Layout Tools -> Synchronize Viewports (VPSYNC) to synchronize the two viewports. Select the outer VP first (Master) and then the inner.

11. Once your viewports are synchronized, activate the outer viewport, open the layer manager, select all layers and change all 'VP Color' (not Layer Color) to 253 or some 'faded' plot color.

"This will leave you with a site sheet where the plot will highlight the area of interest and fade the rest of the site back."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: There are many ways you can use multiple viewports to display drawing information. Layers in viewports can have different settings applied to them. That means you can display the same linework on one drawing, but in different ways. You can highlight information in one view while highlighting different linework in a separate viewport. You can turn off different layers, change their color, linetype, and even their lineweight. If you have trouble activating one viewport in a layout, press Ctrl+R to toggle between viewports. 



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