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Plot Object Select
Tip# 1966 By Will DeLoach On 01-Jul-2004
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Categories : Page Setup Manager
Software type : AutoCAD
PAGE-SETUPS.LSP, DCL. Dialog box appears with your different plotter setups so you can select one.

Harry was reluctant to show the next tip. "This one is dangerous-I wasn't sure if you'd want to see it." Sure enough, he was right. I knew this guy, a parentheses slinger out of the South with a thick accent and a love for surf and turf. Master programmer Will DeLoach supplies us with a way to access a plot object inside AutoCAD. Plot Object Select (Tip#1966) contains a set of AutoLISP functions and a dialog box definition. As with all DCL files, place it in a directory that AutoCAD automatically searches.

Load the function set and type the command Change_page_setups. A dialog box appears in which you can select from the different plotter setups. This is an advanced function set that demonstrates how to access AutoCAD's application object and plot object system from inside Visual LISP. Very nice, Will. Your work is inspiring-as in the next tip.



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