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Import Layouts from Templates
Tip# 4030 By Danny Korem On 03-Dec-2012
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Categories : Page Setup Manager
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Save time with page setups and template files.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem explains how to create a new AutoCAD layout tab from an existing one.

"To import a layout from a template, right-click on any layout tab and select the From Template option. You can choose to import from a DWGDWT file, or another file type. I usually use Design Center to import layouts from drawings, and use the import setup functionality to import named page setups from template files. This may be a bit confusing. The layout itself holds all of the data that will be printed to paper: media, title block, viewport(s), etc.

"If no named page setup is connected to the layout during the page setup procedure, the layout behaves like a standard named page setup. If no page setup exists, then the page setup will say *current layout* (attached page setup)*. If the named page setup is attached to several layouts, updating the named page setup (output device, for instance) will update all the layouts attached to it. I prefer to use this because it saves time and helps prevent errors. If properly used, it will keep you from having to deal with output devices, media formats, and other annoying tasks."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: Page setups and template files: These are likely the two biggest time-savers to use in AutoCAD and its verticals.

Create a template file that has all of your page setups in it. Start all new drawings from that template file. You won't have to set up another drawing to be ready to print. If your printers change for any reason, update the template file. All new files will start correctly, and old files can easily import the new page setup as required. Or, if you are working with drawing files from an outside source, it is easy to import your page setups into the third-party file: Right-click on a paper space tab and go to the Page Setup Manager. This will open a dialog box that has all of the page setups in your current file. Use the one you need; if it isn't there, click the Import button and browse to your template file. Import the page setup you need, make it current to your tab, and print away.

If you want to import a layout tab from your template file, the process is similar. It will import a paper space tab as it is set up in the template file. It gives you your title block or anything that is in the specific tab. Right-click on any paper space tab in your current file, and click the From Template button. Then browse to your template file, click it, then select the paper space tab you want to import.


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Comment by Fournier Jr CTS,George V
Posted on 2012-12-03 14:55:48
You can also do this from a particular drawing file you like to "borrow" the layout from. Follow the same steps for importing from a Template. But when the Explorer window opens change the file type to DWG and navigate to the file you want to copy from. This will bring in a new layout, complete with all items that are on the original layout tab (text, viewports, title blocks, and dimensions) It also brings in the plot set-up as well.
Posted on 2012-12-11 16:02:04
Very useful! Thanks