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Restructure the Parts List and Synchronize with Balloon Numbers
Tip# 4569 By Alex Kaplan On 04-Jan-2016
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Software type : Inventor
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Get your Autodesk Inventor parts list and balloon numbers in sync.

Move rounds on the top of the parts list; double-click on the parts list to edit it.

Renumber items and sort the parts list as shown in the figure below. (The balloons do no match the item numbers.)

Go to the layout browser and select Save Item Overrides to BOM.

All balloons numbers match the parts list item numbers.


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Comment by Mayer,Andreas
Posted on 2016-01-04 14:46:44
Hint: Instead of going to the browser you can also use the apptobriate button during editing the parts list (second button from the right, same icon on the button as the browser function)