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Keep Your Files Checked Out
Tip# 4474 By David Gaskill On 18-May-2015
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Software type : Autodesk Vault, Inventor
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When working with Autodesk Inventor and Vault, it can be useful to regularly check files into Vault and to keep your workspace clean of working copies.

Here is tip to use when working with Autodesk Inventor files and Vault. I find it useful to regularly check my files into Vault to keep my workspace clean of working copies.

  • When checking in a file into Vault, check the “Keep files checked out” option. The latest files will be in Vault, but you'll still keep a copy in your work space.

  • When I am finished with a project or just doing file cleanup, I pick the “Close files and delete working copies.” This deletes the local copy from your workspace and checks the file into vault; note that all children are deleted as well.

  • Below is an excerpt from the Autodesk help.


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