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Inventor Display Controls
Tip# 4213 By David Gaskill On 18-Nov-2013
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Adjust the visual display controls of Autodesk Inventor reference parts.

Designer David Edward Gaskill shares a tip about using the visual display controls of Autodesk Inventor reference parts to make things easier during your design work.

"If you have a reference part in your assembly drawing and don't want it to show up in a view, use this tip to turn off the reference part in your drawing.


Navigate to the Drawing View dialog box, Model State tab, and choose the Off radio button in the Line Style section:


"One of the advantages to using this method of turning off reference parts is that you can keep the view locked and this will turn off all reference parts if you have many in a view."

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: Your views are yours; you should be able to display them the way you want to. That's what this tip is about. It's simple but effective. All of your information is still there, but you are only seeing what you need to see.


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