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3D View Assistant
Tip# 3341 By Kent Cooper On 01-Jan-2010
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Categories : Other
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
Rename File To : ViewsNoZoom.lsp
Change the direction of view while maintaining the current zoom level.

Kent Cooper submitted a tip that defines several new commands to assist in 3D view manipulation. Kent noticed that the commands on AutoCAD's View toolbar change not only the direction of view, but also the zoom level. This can be annoying if you constantly have to zoom back in to a particular area. The new commands defined by this tip work in the same way as the built-in AutoCAD commands, except these maintain the current zoom level. To use these commands, first load the LISP file. When the file is loaded, the syntax for running the various commands is displayed at the command line. The commands defined by this file are named using an abbreviation of the function they perform. For example, the command Viseu stands for View, Isometric, SouthEast, Underneath. In the same way, a command named Vinwo is available that stands for View, Isometric, NorthWest, Overhead. Orthoganal views are also available, and a full list of defined commands can be obtained by examining the code. You can easily add these commands to a toolbar or ribbon, or even use them to replace the buttons on the built-in View toolbar.


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