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Use Inventor's Bend Part Command
Tip# 4273 By David Gaskill On 24-Mar-2014
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Categories : Object Properties
Software type : Inventor
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Here is a way to create a part as a flat piece, then apply the bend.

This tip from frequent tipster David Gaskill shows you how to modify a part using the bend part command in Inventor.

Sometimes it's easiest to create a part as a flat piece, then apply the bend. Here is one way to accomplish this without using the sheet metal options.   

Start with a standard part that is extruded at the desired length.

Add a sketch to the top surface of your extrusion.

Project the edges of the selected face onto your sketch.

Draw a line on your sketch plane. Right-click and pick finish 2D sketch.

Pick the flyout on the ribbon: modify, bend part.

Pick the line you created on your sketch, and adjust the settings in the bend part dialog box, then apply.

You will then have a part that is bent to the desired angle. It is fully editable through the browser bar. Just right-click in the browser on the newly created feature. It will bring up the bend part dialog box where you can make the necessary changes.

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