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Set the Default Scale List
Tip# 4386 By Tina Stimpson On 27-Oct-2014
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Categories : Viewports, Units, Object Properties
Software type : AutoCAD 2015
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Don't fight it — set up your default scales! You'll be glad you did.

If you've been wondering where to set the default values for the scale list in AutoCAD, look no further.

  • Type in Options at the Command prompt.
  • Go to the User Preferences tab.
  • Go to the Default Scale List... button (bottom right of the dialog box).
  • Select Edit the List.
  • Add items, or delete the items you no longer want.
  • Press OK.

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: I still occasionally see people fighting the scale list over and over instead of setting up the defaults. Now there is no excuse: Tina's tip shows you exactly how to do this, and it's very easy. Also see tip #4011.


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