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General Notes
Tip# 2079 By Tommy Teague On 01-Dec-2005
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 296
Categories : Notes/Text
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2079: ExportNotes.lsp, ImportNotes.lsp
Two functions to assist in creating the General Notes of a drawing set.

Tommy Teague sent us two macros that make up General Notes (Tip #2079). General notes are those specifications that repeat from project to project. Teague created two functions to assist in creating those parts of a drawing set. The first function is used after a drawing is completed. If the drawing contains notes you want to save for future projects, load the LISP file for EXPORTNOTES.LSP and type ExportNotes at the AutoCAD Command line. You will see a prompt to locate text objects to save. General notes normally have a key notation, and this function expects to find strings so formatted. Key notations are a letter or number combination used to quickly designate a particular item in the plan set. To use the exported text file in a different drawing, load the LISP file and type ImportNotes. When asked, select a file and then locate where to start the notes. This tip is a very powerful set of functions that does a lot more than I can describe quickly. The source code is worth a look for those wanting to learn about text manipulations. The download file set contains two function source files (LSP) and three text files for demonstration purposes.



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