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Drawing Callout Figures
Tip# 2043 By Heather Randles On 01-Jul-2005
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Categories : Notes/Text
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2043: callout.lsp
automates the drawing of callout bubbles in AutoCAD

Callouts with Automatic Incrementing Numbers
Heather Randles sent her well-established utility Drawing Callout Figures with Automatic Incrementing Numbers (Tip #2043). This simple function automates the drawing of callout bubbles in AutoCAD. Callout bubbles are leaders with circled text. The text contains a number that is referenced in a table describing the object or providing a part number reference. Load the LSP file into AutoCAD and type CALL at the command line. Each callout bubble contains an arrow point (located at the first point requested) and a line to a bubble (the second point requested is the end of the line). The bubble is created to the left if the second point located is to the left of the first and vice versa. The first time you run the CALL routine, the starting number is requested. From that point forward the number is automatically incremented by one. This routine is very useful and simple for drawings requiring callouts to further details or other sheets in a plan. Thanks for dusting this one off and sending it along, Heather!



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