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Add Extruded Text to Your Model
Tip# 4333 By David Gaskill On 07-Jul-2014
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Categories : Notes/Text
Software type : Inventor
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This tip shows how Inventor users can add extruded text to a model.

Create a sketch on the face of the part to which you want to add extruded text.

Add text using the Sketch/Text ribbon.


Add dimensions or constraints, as needed. Finish the sketch.


Select Extrude, or type E; then pick the text box. Enter an extrusion distance. (Hint: you can also cut the text into the part.)


The extruded text will be created as a feature and is editable like any other feature.

To change the color of the feature so that it stands out, right-click the feature and select properties.

Select Feature Appearance, and change to the desired appearance.

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