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Edit 3D Blocks Using Ncopy and Refedit
Tip# 3265 By Peter Hill On 20-Sep-2009
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Categories : Nested Blocks
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Refedit allows you to edit blocks as well as referenced drawings, while Ncopy allows you to copy objects from a block or referenced file to your current layer.

Peter Hill shows us a method to edit blocks in place and copy outside objects to (and from) them.

"Refedit and Ncopy are two commands that become an extremely powerful 3D block-editing tool when used together. Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that you can't manipulate the UCS inside Block Editor? Have you tried to modify a solid inside a block and ended up exploding it and redefining it out of frustration when you couldn't align the UCS to one of its faces? There is a solution.

"Although you can't manipulate the UCS while inside Block Editor, you can do so while inside the Refedit command. However, while using Refedit you won't be able to modify or handle objects outside of the working set without adding them to it first. Using Ncopy, you can copy the solids you want to edit out of the block, make your changes to them — with the ability to manipulate the UCS in any way and have full access to all objects in the drawing — and then use the Refedit command to add these modified solids to the working set and erase the original solids."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: The Refedit command can be used for several different purposes. Think of it as Reference Editor: there may be a time you want to edit an xrefed file in relation to your current file, but when you open the referenced file, the spatial relationships are sometimes lost. Use the Refedit command to edit that file in place, and you can work on that file until you close the Refedit command. Refedit will allow you to edit blocks as well as referenced drawings. Ncopy, which stands for Nested Copy, will allow you to copy objects from a block or referenced file to your current layer.


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