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Synchronize Views with Layer State Manager, Including Sheet Set Manager
Tip# 3862 By Ron Lohan On 09-Apr-2012
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Save time by saving layer states and views.

Architect Ronald L. Lohan explains how his company uses saved views to increase efficiency while using AutoCAD Architecture.

"In AutoCAD Architecture 2012, our team uses preset views to synchronize numerous layer states and accomplish our tasks more quickly. The final set for the XFPlan.DWG contains all items: layer state, annotative scale, annotative dimensions, annotative text, etc. Layer states contain SITE (0), FLR (1), CLG (2), and ROOF (3) — our usual Architectural Set and Sheet Set Manager requirements.

"Having a Microsoft keyboard with numeric keys on the right side makes this as simple as possible. Our LISP routine recognizes our common keystrokes to accomplish these tasks. The Layer States Manager dialog box does not appear; instead, it saves and sets the current layer state and view at the same time. Afterward, it takes just two keystrokes to 'jump' from layer state as well as the location where you need to view when you press Enter.

"We use the following numeric keys (the list varies from project to project, but the keys remain the same):

000 — Sets view and layer state for the site plan
00 — Zoom to preset view of site plan (View A)
01 — Zoom to preset view of trash enclosure (View A0)
02 — Zoom to preset view of ADA parking, location 1 (View P0)
03 — Zoom to preset view of ADA parking, location 2 (View P1)

111 — Sets view and layer state for the floor plan
10 — Zoom to preset view of floor plan (View B)
11 — Zoom to preset view of stair, location 1 (View S1)
12 — Zoom to preset view of stair, location 2 (View S2)
13 — Zoom to preset view of ADA toilet, location 1 (View A1)

"Note that these also become the model views in Sheet Set Manager to scale drag-and-drop into the Title Block sheets. Setting up the combination Layer States Manager view (which coincides with Sheet Set Manager Model Views) gives us more time to design, rather than worry about how the final product will look. Speed never hurts in AutoCAD!"

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton:
This tipster's company uses a LISP routine to help save layer states and views. To do that without a LISP routine, simply get your layers the way you want them. Type View on the Command line, then click the New button. Give the view a name and make any settings changes that you need. You can return to this view, with this layer state, at any time. Type View on the Command line, select your saved view, and click OK. This view can also (as the tipster states) be used in your sheet sets to help create other drawings.


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