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Save Named Views with View Manager
Tip# 3274 By Laura Bride On 04-Oct-2009
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Categories : Named Views
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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This method makes it easier to navigate inside a busy drawing.

Laura Bride, a documentation specialist, shares with us her method of saving named views in order to more easily navigate inside a busy drawing. "I use AutoCAD Map 2009; however, this tip is applicable to any version of AutoCAD. I work with street maps of cities and towns that show the buildings and addresses of our clients. To make it easier to quickly go to a specific address or intersection, I simply create a snapshot in the View Manager using each address as the view name. So when I am setting up each map, I zoom to the building or intersection, make sure that everything I want to see has its layer turned on, and type in V for view. I then select New, add the address I am currently viewing in the Properties dialog box, adjust the remaining settings for the preferences, and select OK. In the next dialog, I click Apply, and then OK. Now I can quickly move from each location without having to search. I also use this method to quickly zoom to specific manholes or to show a complete run between certain manholes or buildings."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Saved views can help you and other users find what is needed in a hurry. They can also help you to create views in viewports. You can even open a DWG file to a specific saved view. Zoom in to the view you want, rotate the UCS (user coordinate system) as needed, and start the View command. If you don't like the view or want to be more specific, click the Define View Window button and choose your points. Once you have saved some views, start the View command again. Now you can select a saved view, then click the Set Current button, and that will set your current view to your saved view regardless of where you are in your drawing. You can save views in model or paper space.


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Comment by Lewis,Samuel
Posted on 2009-10-06 09:58:53
Use them all the time, great feature of AutoCAD. However, I've wondered for years why the saved view feature doesn't grow with Autocad, it's still practically the same as it's been for years, just a new look. Consider this idea (I've submitted this thought the last 3 years to the AUGI wishlist to no avail), but why not replace the 'save layer snapshot' feature of the saved views manager with a link to a saved LAYER STATE instead? Saved layer states are even more important (to me anyway) than saved views, but if they were LINKED it would be a huge deal for time efficiency! Why would I ever use the current 'save layer snapshot' feature? If we add just one layer to the drawing, then we have to go and update ALL of our saved view snapshots too! But we update our saved layer states all the time, why not make that pay dividends by linking the two? If they were linked to saved layer states, then when you update a particular saved layer state, you would also be updating ALL the saved VIEWS that are 'attached' to that layer state without any further action from the user. After digesting that thought, here's another. If we take that process just one step further, why not give us the ability to "lock" viewport objects directly to those SAVED VIEWS (away from the sheetset manager). Now all of it works together and multi-tab dwgs no longer require changing layer states just to plot each layout, also no need to create sheetsets for 'basic' drawings (this is NOT a proposal to eliminate sheet sets, just pointing out what I believe to be a great "simpleton" way to attain the ability to use batch plot on a multi-layout dwg file WITHOUT using sheetsets). Just seems like it would be easy for Autodesk to do since all the core features are already there, but I'm no programmer. I'll keep wishing for now I guess...
Comment by bates,john
Posted on 2009-10-07 17:16:27
I don't know why I haven't used named views before. Especially like their use in viewports !. Helpful on space plans when buildings have wings: N, S, E, W etc.
Comment by Kuenning,Chris
Posted on 2009-12-17 16:49:21
I use to use stored views on all viewports until the viewport lock feature came out and I haven't used it since, don't know why, just never had the need to. I just keep my viewports locked and if I want to move around in a viewport I simply maximize the viewport.