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Named Views Hold Many Surprises
Tip# 4102 By Danny Korem On 15-Apr-2013
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Categories : Named Views
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Named views can serve many purposes.

Tipster Danny Korem discovered that AutoCAD's saved named views save more than just the displayed view.

"While preparing to conduct a training session, I discovered that named views continue to surprise. Not only do they save the views via the current display as an option, not only do they take a snapshot of the layers while being created, not only do they function as a REF Manager within the model views in the sheet set context, but they unofficially manage the annotation scale as well.

"While in the process of defining a new view, select the annotation scale. When toggling between the named views, pay attention to the annotation scale. Since it's unofficial, you can't change it, but it seems that I'll be adopting this capability — and I'll write it in the wish list for versions to come."

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: Named views are great, and can serve many purposes. They save the current visual display state of the file. They save the view on your screen (or you can select a windowed area), the layer state (what's on, off, frozen, etc.), the UCS (this is a great way of switching coordinate systems), annotation scale, visual style, background objects, and the view itself. You can use them to control how a viewport is displayed, or a rotated view, a layer state, annotation scale, etc. Sheet sets also use them to help create views in other drawings.


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Comment by Lohan,Ronald
Posted on 2013-04-15 14:38:15
Named views have around since version 2005. This has always in conjunction with LMAN. Since, the named views are used to drag-n-drop for faster xreferencing from sheet set manager. This has almost eliminated the use of xref!
Comment by Hollingsworth,Mike
Posted on 2013-04-16 08:06:56
I have been using saved named views for many years to use single drawings showing alternate versions of parts and assemblies by creating specific layers that are either turned on or off in the viewports. Minor configuration differences can overlay each other in Model space, and can be displayed or hidden in the appropriate Paper space tab.