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Name Your View
Tip# 3614 By Kent Elrod On 04-Apr-2011
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Categories : Named Views
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Use the View command when creating viewport views.

Tipster Kent Elrod sent us a tip describing the potential power and uses of the View command in AutoCAD.

"I have been using the View command more often recently, and it made me wonder if newer users were trained on this and were making use of it. There is a lot to the command now, as you have many options that appear in the dialog when making a view and giving it a name. To name a few: Save layer snapshot with view, UCS, Visual Style, etc. And there are preset views of Top, Bottom, Left, Right, SW ISO, SE ISO, etc.

"The real power of the View command for me is in using -VIEW at the Command line or in a macro. I have my system set up to type V, Enter, S, Enter, then I type any letter, Enter (for example: V, A). The display area is now named View A; at any time I can type V, A, and Enter, and that view comes right back up. When moving between areas that are a long distance apart I can start a command like Line, pick my first point in View A, then I have a macro for a transparent View command (using '-VIEW), type B, Enter, and I am instantly in the part of the drawing I want to work in.

"When plotting a large drawing on several smaller sheets I will divide the drawing up into, say, six views, then I can pick the view names as I plot and it goes very quickly, I get the same scale factor for each sheet, and I know I have all of the drawing on the six sheets. Purging gets rid of your views, so decide on a strategy for using it so you don't lose all those named views.

"There are many more uses for this old but very valuable command; I have only scratched the surface."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
A common use for the View command in AutoCAD is to help in the creation of viewport views. In model space, zoom, rotate the UCS, etc. to get the display to look the way you want it to, then save it as a named view. Go to paper space, and create (or activate) a viewport. Make your saved view current. That viewport will now display your drawing according to the save name view.

This is especially useful when rotating your UCS in more than one viewport. Why go through the hassle of rotating the UCS over and over again? Save Named Views can also be accessed by the Sheet Set Manager to help create new drawings. Have a site plan? Need to make more than one drawing using the same view? The View command can be very powerful.


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Comment by Eaton,Nancy
Posted on 2011-04-04 16:20:09
I create views called PLAN and PROFILE and call them from a LISP file that zooms to view PLAN and view PROFILE. Saves me many steps since I can type VP or VPR and not have to scroll or go through the view dialog box.