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Tip# 1858 By Donald Wells On 01-Mar-2003
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Categories : Named Views
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip1858: MATCH1.LSP
match1.lsp helps you use multiple screens by matching the display in additional screens to the original screen.

Tip #1858 [MATCH1.LSP]
Here s a routine to make better use of multiple screens.Reader Donald Wells does plumbing design and is constantly switching from floor to floor to line things up or for copying. Trying to find the same area on different drawings was time consuming until he got the idea for the following. Run Match1 in the active drawing that you want the other screens to match. It writes a script file to your c: emp directory so that when you click into another screen and run the script file, it matches the original screen. To check a dozen title blocks on different drawings, simply open all the drawings at once, run MATCH1.LSP and then MATCH.SCR to make them all look the same. Run MATCH1.LSP only once because MATCH.SCR
remains until it is overwritten by a new set of data.



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