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Attach Drawings with Sheet Sets
Tip# 4041 By Danny Korem On 07-Jan-2013
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Categories : Named Views
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Try this method as a new way to attach drawings.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem shared a way to create drawings using sheet sets and saved views in AutoCAD.

"I can't remember when named views joined AutoCAD's functionality, but it seems that they've always been there. When AutoCAD users' biggest headache was waiting for screen regeneration, views were the perfect solution. When layouts joined the family, I started to use the viewport perimeter to create a rectangular polyline, change space (to model space), use the rectangle to create a view, and at the end restore the view within the viewport, including the original viewport's scale.

"When I started using sheet sets, I wondered what the model space views meant. It seemed a bit mysterious, so I tried it, and discovered a new way to attach xrefs into a sheet without using the xref attach feature.

"Here is a short procedure that functions as both a sheet creator with ready-to-reuse data and the xref attach to DWG:

  1. When in a sheet set, create a new sheet (based on a layout, a template, or other).
  2. Within the Sheet Set Manager, go to Model Views, right-click on Add New Location, and point to the folder(s) holding the drawing(s) containing the specific model view(s) (in the first screenshot below, A1 and Daniel are the two named views within 922-6SD.dwg).
  3. Select the model view; drag and drop it into the layout.
  4. Remember that while you create a model view, an optional Save Layer Snapshot with View will assist you in displaying the correct picture (see the second screenshot below). This allows you to create identical (spatial) views with different layer snapshots.
  5. Don't worry about removing locations; that can be achieved by right-clicking the top of the hierarchy tree. The options are Collapse, Add New Location, and Remove Location.
  6. Now you can check your external references palettes. Most likely you'll find the parent file(s) of the named model views."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton:
Sheet sets are very powerful. They are more than a way to print out your set. Save a named view in either model space or paper space in one of your files. With sheet sets, you can create a drawing file and import the view into your drawing. This will load the view as an xref and zoom you in to that view.

If you are an architect, you can save views of rooms in your base file. Creating a drawing of that room is easier with views and sheet sets. Just load that view from the base file into your drawing file via the steps in the tip above, and you have automatically created a drawing of the view you need.


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