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All Things are True, from a Certain View
Tip# 3909 By Samuel Lucido On 11-Jun-2012
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Categories : Named Views
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Create a model view of the area which encompasses your entire title block area.

Civil designer Sam Lucido discusses using saved name views in AutoCAD to manage viewports and other similar needs.

"The View command is a very powerful tool in AutoCAD that has been around for a long time. Have you ever jumped into paper space and found that the view is not correct (scale or area), and it needs to be identical on several drawings? What about when an employee did not lock the viewport, and your drawing has moved? In these situations, you can create a model view of the area which encompasses your entire title block area.

"Go to paper space and draw a rectangle of the size of the border or area that you would like your drawing to be. You can also use the viewport boundary, but for this example we will use a rectangle. Place that rectangle on a view layer set to no-plot. Select the Edit-Copy command and copy your rectangle. Flip back to the model and paste that rectangle into the drawing (scale if necessary). Remember, that rectangle will be 1:1 since it was drawn in the paper space view.

"Type the View command and create a new model space view, selecting the lower-left and upper-right corners of the rectangle. Name that view VIEW-01 or the layout name. Next, move to paper space and activate your viewport. Just type View, Restore, VIEW-01, and your view will be properly aligned within the title block area. Next, lock that viewport! If someone forgets to lock the viewport, you can always use the View Restore to get back to the original alignment.

"The above is more of a 2D application, but when you are working in a 3D environment views become extremely important as you move around your model. The USC and layer snapshot can be saved per view which can be used to display your model in several different positions, including 3D visual styles."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton:
Views can do many things; perhaps the most common application is described in this tip. Views can also be applied to sheet sets. Let's say you have created the best 3D model ever and need to create detailed views of it. Create those views in model space in your model file. Through the Sheet Set Manager you can insert a viewport of that view right into your current drawing.


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Comment by Thompson,Ray
Posted on 2012-06-13 15:21:35
Once you have that layout rectangle set to _NoPlot layer, it is much easier to simply use the CHSPACE command. It will move that boundary into modelspace.
Comment by Korem,Danny
Posted on 2012-06-18 01:37:04
Hi there, as I wrote in Tip# 3601, It will be much easier to move the Rectangle from Model 2 Paper by Using the CHANGE SPACE feature. The Golden Rule would be to keep exactly the Height of the Viewport (The Width is not important) the change space will be in charge of scaling the rectangle instead of copy-paste-scale. Cheers