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Remove Extra Spacing from Imported Mtext
Tip# 4269 By Cara Nash Snyder On 10-Mar-2014
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Categories : Multiline Text
Software type : AutoCAD
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This is a good tip for removing unwanted paragraph spacing that may be applied to pasted text.

Cara Nash Snyder sent us this useful AutoCAD tip for fixing paragraph spacing in pasted text:

Have you ever pasted formatted text into AutoCAD MText from another application (such as Microsoft Word) and found that the spacing is off? You try to adjust the line spacing, but that doesn’t fix it. If so, you can easily fix it by activating the MText editor, highlighting the text, and right-clicking. In the right-click menu, select Paragraph.

Next, check Paragraph Spacing, and set the values to 0. This will remove the embedded formatting from the other application.


Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: Pasting text from other applications can be frustrating sometimes because unwanted formatting can come along with it. You might want to keep certain properties such as font and color, but remove other formatting. This is a good tip for removing unwanted paragraph spacing that may be applied to pasted text.


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Comment by A,Amalgama
Posted on 2014-03-10 14:18:10
Thank you!
Comment by Sanders,Richard
Posted on 2014-03-10 16:06:51
Similarly, when you WANT to put a bit of space between line breaks, such as when making a numbered list of Keyed Notes, so that each numbered note has a visual 'gap' before the next note, this "Paragraph Spacing" is the place to do that. It is a strange and annoying thing to occasionally open a drawing done by someone unfamiliar with MText properties, who has manually placed a "Ctrl-Enter" blank line after each Keyed Note in a list, to 'force' a blank space that they did not know could have been done automatically. In the realm of 'strange things AutoCAD restricts' there is a limit, between 1/4" and 4" for the spacing you can enter here. Unless you use the work-around of 'scaling' your MText block. That is, if you are using MText at a small size, such as 1/8" high text in paper space, and you wish to have a 1/8" blank line entered after each paragraph, bullet note, etc. you can overcome the 1/4" smallest-space restriction. You can try, but entering 1/8 will only pop up a caution that entries must be in the range of 1/4" to 4". *NOTE: I do not know a work-around for forcing AutoCAD to actually display the real fractional size of text height (3/32" CAD-Standard text height reported as 1/4"? come on...), or to display the actual paragraph spacing correctly. Smaller Paragraph Spacing: Simply Scale your entire text block double (x2). Now Click into your block to open the editor, Ctrl-A to select your text, then click the P button for Paragraph properties. Enter the minimum 1/4" in the "After" block. Assuming you have entered a few lines, which now have that 1/4" text with 1/4" auto-spacing to establish the appearance, and you see that is what you were after: Scale that same text block in half (x0.5). Now, the automatic paragraph spacing WILL be 1/8", and will continue to be correct as new lines are entered, since AutoCAD really does support other heights of line-spacing - they just don't let you enter it that way. (WTG short-sighted programming-entry guy.) For other spacing needs, just adjust the scaling work-around-game above as required.