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Background Mask for Mtext
Tip# 3443 By Andrew Maser On 10-Jun-2010
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 246
Categories : Multiline Text
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : bgmask/,bgmask/.DS_Store,bgmask/meiBGMask/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Release/,bgmask/meiBGMask/.DS_Store,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/My Project/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Debug/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Debug/TempPE/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Release/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/obj/Release/TempPE/,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/.DS_Store,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/meiBGMask.dll,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/meiBGMask.pdb,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Debug/meiBGMask.xml,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Release/meiBGMask.dll,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Release/meiBGMask.pdb,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/bin/Release/meiBGMask.xml,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/Class1.vb,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask.vbproj,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask.vbproj.user,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/My Project/Application.Designer.vb,bgmask/meiBGMask/meiBGMask/My Proj
Turn on background masking for a set of Mtext entities.

Just as soon as we publish the very first .NET tip, here comes the second one! Also submitted by Andy Maser, this routine allows you to turn on background masking for a selection set of Mtext entities. To load a .NET routine, run the Netload command in AutoCAD and select the supplied DLL file. After it's loaded, you can run the routine by entering BGMASK at the Command prompt. Don't worry about having to choose individual Mtext entities; this routine filters your selection set so that only Mtext is included. When you are finished, the default background masking properties are then enabled for the objects selected.


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Comment by Petersheim,Anthony
Posted on 2010-06-30 07:32:19
This is a great timesaver! Is there any way to add Mleaders to the selection set? The mtext attached to mleaders is excluded by the filter in the routine.