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Convert Qleaders to Same-Style Mleaders
Tip# 3019 By Tony Hotchkiss On 03-Sep-2008
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Categories : Multileaders, Leaders
Software type : AutoCAD 2008
Rename File To : Q2M.LSP
AutoLISP routine converts Qleaders to same-style Mleaders.

From Cadalyst's "AutoLISP Solutions" column.

Scott Loadman of San Antonio, Texas, requested a routine for changing a Qleader to an Mleader in an AutoCAD drawing by simply entering "Q2M" as a command. Scott uses the same style for both Qleaders and Mleaders, and he usually uses Qleaders, but sometimes finds that it would have been more appropriate to have the Mleader. Instead of deleting the existing leader and creating an Mleader, it would be easier to convert to the Mleader by simply typing a quick command and selecting the Qleader to be converted.

The AutoLISP Solution is Q2M.LSP, which allows the user to enter Q2M on the AutoCAD Command line, then select the Qleader which is automatically converted to an Mleader that maintains the same style and text as the original.

Get the Code!
Download the Q2M.LSP file. Save the file in AutoCAD's Support directory. Use the Appload facility by selecting Tools / Load Application, and then use the browser to select the Q2M.LSP file.

How to Use the Q2M.LSP Code
To start the program, enter Q2M, and you will be prompted to "Select the Qleader."

After the Qleader is selected, it is automatically converted to the Mleader using the same coordinates, layer, and text as the original.

To read the full "AutoLISP Solutions" column, including tip details, programming notes, and images, go to: http://management.cadalyst.com/cadman/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=545033.


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