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Change Tilemode Using a Menu Macro
Tip# 4501 By Jack Nardi On 13-Jul-2015
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Categories : Paper Space, Model Space
Software type : AutoCAD 2016
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Customize your AutoCAD tool bar with this macro for switching the Tilemode variable.

My working style relies on using many locked paper space layout tabs, and I frequently need to return to the model space drawing for editing to reference other details. In AutoCAD 2015, I was spending a lot of time displaying the paper space tabs pop-up list, then scrolling to find the appropriate layout to return to so I could review and plot.

Then I remembered the Tilemode setvar variable switch and created two simple buttons in my customized tool bar.

One button is model space and takes me from my paperspace layout to model space:

[ ^C^C_Tilemode 1 ] 

The other is paper space and returns me to my last selected layout tab:

[ ^C^C_Tilemode 0 ] 

My other time saver is a button that sets the working layer to layer zero:

[ ^C^C-layer s 0 ; ]

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: Although this tip performs the same task as previously published tips 906, 1596, and 4164, this version uses menu macros as opposed to a LISP routine.


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User comments
Comment by Anderson,Jim
Posted on 2015-07-15 05:34:29
This is a macro for toggling between tilemode settings with the one icon;- ^C^C_Tilemode $M=$(-,1,$(getvar,Tilemode))
Comment by Anderson,Jim
Posted on 2015-07-15 05:39:22
My version of of the layer change to 0, mapped to keys CTRL+NUMPAD0 ^C^C-layer m 0;; Another one for changing existing objects to layer 0 - for some reason in the latest versions of ACAD, it requires a couple of presses using the keyboard mapping CTRL+ALT+NUMPAD0 _Change P la 0;;