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Working with Masses in Plan View
Tip# 4371 By Andria Lynch On 22-Sep-2014
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Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : Autodesk Revit
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Use the Lock Profile tool on the Form Element tab to lock your top and bottom profiles together.

If In-Place Massing is in your toolbox and a top profile that matches the bottom profile is what you need, use the Lock Profile tool on the Form Element tab to lock them together! Once you have created a form from your profile, simply click the Lock Profiles button on the Form Element tab. This will enable you to stretch and pull your in-place mass in plan view without having to edit both the top and bottom profiles. When a form profile is locked, Revit is constraining the relationship of the selected sketched profile to all other profiles in the form, including any additional profiles that were added. This will maintain the original relationship to all other profiles of the Mass object.

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