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Work with the Cloud and Autodesk Exchange Apps
Tip# 3961 By Danny Korem On 20-Aug-2012
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Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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AutoCAD 2013 offers expanded cloud and app options.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem points out two new, key features in the latest release of AutoCAD.

"New versions of CAD software usually are installed with no drama, as users have become accustomed to the annual switch. AutoCAD 2013 is as straightforward as its predecessors, plus it also has many ultramodern features.

"One revolutionary feature is the ability to work online while in a CAD session, which enables saving to the cloud or opening from the cloud.

"Another phenomenon that characterizes the new CAD environment is the Autodesk Exchange App Store, where plugins and other components can be found. It is an online marketplace within AutoCAD. These apps are smartphone-like: small, very straightforward, affordable, and sometimes even free."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: Autodesk has been on a yearly release schedule for AutoCAD (and other products) for a while now, and each version brings us new tools and updates current ones. The two features Danny describes are very interesting. AutoCAD 2013 is tied to the cloud through Autodesk 360. Users can sign in to Autodesk's cloud service, which allows them to store files on a remote server though the Internet. That means that they can access the files whenever they have an Internet connection. This service also allows users to save customization settings and load them onto another machine. You can work the way you want to, regardless of the machine you are working on.

The second new tool is the Autodesk Exchange App Store. It actually opened several months after AutoCAD 2012 was released, but it worked only for AutoCAD 2012 and the only way to get to it was through AutoCAD 2012. Now the store is available natively in AutoCAD 2013, and you can access the store via a web browser. There are also stores for several other Autodesk products in addition to AutoCAD.


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