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Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Up Arrow and P
Tip# 4387 By Steve Roberts On 03-Nov-2014
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Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2015
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Use these and other keyboard shortcuts to save time in AutoCAD.

A lot of AutoCAD users may know about this tip, but it’s worth pointing out. I’m a lazy and terrible typist, and I use icons most of the time, so this method helps me a lot.

I keep my right pinky finger on the Up arrow all the time to scroll though past commands, at least the last 2–5 ones I’ve used. I think it is faster once you get used to it. And I also type P for previous to select multiple objects.

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: There are many keyboard shortcuts available in AutoCAD, and you don't have to be a keyboard junkie to use a few of them: Think about some of the ways to save time running frequent commands. Steve has given us a couple of good ones here. Steve's Up arrow tip is a good one to access recently used commands. Note that the system variable INPUTHISTORYMODE has an effect on the results of using the Up arrow key.

Using P for the previous selection set is another underutilized tip. When you've carefully selected multiple objects and then you need to repeat the same selection set, use P to save time.


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User comments
Comment by Connolly,Levi
Posted on 2014-11-03 12:43:22
You can also use the L when in selection mode to select the last created object.
Comment by Neufeld,Curt
Posted on 2014-11-05 08:57:00
A great use for L is when block or XREF is inserted and does not appear where you expect. Type Zoom use the Object option and L for the last entity and it will take you right to it. Then use Move to grab it, Zoom Previous, and your back where you want to be to place it.
Comment by Damman,John
Posted on 2014-11-11 12:37:53
Like Steve, I, too am lazy and hate typing. So to avoid it as much as possible, one can also "right click" with the mouse and a dialog box appears and "recent commands" line appears as well. Hover over the command and then click it. This way your right hand does not need to leave the mouse.