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January 2011 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3567 By R.K. McSwain On 17-Jan-2011
Rated By 2 users Downloaded : 407
Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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For January, Harry's picks include the following:

Label Station and Elevation — Bijoy Manoharan — This LISP routine labels the station and elevation in a civil engineering profile view. Although applications like AutoCAD Civil 3D include this functionality, this routine could be very useful if you are using an application without this capability.

Three VBA Point Functions — Brian Sardeson — Brian gives us three VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) functions: SnapMidPoint returns the midpoint of a given line entity, SnapPerpendicular returns a point perpendicular to a given object from a given point, and MakePoint accepts three real numbers (x,y,z) and returns a three-element array of doubles.

Create Batting Line from Polyline — Raymond Rizkallah — This routine mimics the Batting linetype included with AutoCAD, but uses only a polyline.

Summarize Object Areas — Juan Villarreal — Select any number of closed objects in AutoCAD, such as polylines, circles, splines, etc., and a summary table will be constructed to report the area of each object and the total area overall.

Incremental Numbering Suite — Lee McDonnell — This comprehensive routine is intended for placing incremental alphanumeric text labels in an AutoCAD drawing.

Zoom To Objects — Jan Bath — The dialog interface can help you build a selection set of objects that the routine will then iterate one at a time, zooming to each entity location. At this point you can choose one or more actions to perform on the entity.


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