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January 2009 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3162 By Bill Kramer On 11-Mar-2009
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 636
Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD
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January's tips all in a single download.

An improved trim for 3D solids,COPE, from Mike O’Flaherty accepts two 3D solids that are overlapping and subtracts one from the other - but with a more designer friendly approach.

Grab Bar detailer (hand rail) from dialog box input was submitted by Jay Thomas and it rated the top tip of the group - way to go Jay, a nicely coded solution of an expert drawing tool.

Gordon Richhardt supplied a color based layer manager that turns the visibility of layers on and off based on the selection of a color. There are three commands added to AutoCAD when the LISP code is loaded. ACV to make all colors visible, CISO makes only a selected color visible, and CINV makes a specific color invisible. Nice tool to have around when doing some detail clean up work on complex drawings.

Ronald Maneja provided us with an offset and dimensioning tool. Multiple offsets with automatic dimension option does just what the title says. Load up the LISP code and type ROFF to get it started. Pick an object to offset, locate the side, then start providing offset values. When finished with the offsets you will have an option to dimension the distances between each offset.

Got lots of custom menus and want to make building a new profile easy? Master LISP programmer Leonid Nemirovsky supplied aCustom CUI manager tool that you may find interesting. This routine allows you to pick the custom menu then builds a custom profile for you allowing for easy selection of a custom environment. A must have for serious customization gurus! Thanks 'Nemi'!


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