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Help Me Stop Pressing F1 Accidentally!
Tip# 3525 By Skip Millett On 07-Nov-2010
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Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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A clever solution to a chronic keystroke error.

Senior Engineer Skipp Millett has a problem with the F1 key while working in AutoCAD: He doesn't like to accidentally press it when he's reaching for the Escape key.

"The following is a 'hardware tip' I have been using for about five years now. As most CAD users know, hitting the Escape button just once is never enough; we must hit it at least three times! I used to mistype when trying to press Escape and end up pressing F1 instead, which we all know launches the Help menu, and can really slow users down. I have been told there is a method for adjusting program files and disabling this feature, but it becomes something of a pain having to do this with every new AutoCAD release and all other versions of CAD, so I simply install a paperclip under the F1 button instead."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Have you solved the F1 issue with a "hardware solution" like Skipp did in this tip? If you have, take a picture of your fix and upload it using the Add Comment link below (don't forget to sign in first) or send it to us directly. Did you use duct tape? Or maybe you removed the F1 key altogether? We'd like to see your creative solution.

If you'd rather use a software solution to this annoying problem, check out this classic tip from Leonid Nemirovsky that he sent to us in July 2009. It shows how to reprogram all keyboard shortcuts, including the F1 key! If you are using a version of AutoCAD that predates the CUI (AutoCAD 2005 and older), here is a tip from Lynn Allen's blog.


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Comment by Chauhan,Brad
Posted on 2010-11-08 14:35:05
perhaps the better solution is to have your IT/antivirus guy exclude all of your Autocad/Autodesk folders from "on-access scanning"...then when you press F1 on purpose, it will only take a second, instead of 30 seconds to get to help...who knows what else this will help...
Comment by PERKINS,JOE
Posted on 2010-11-08 16:07:10
Hurts for a bit, but you learn quick LOL
Comment by Turner,Cliff
Posted on 2010-11-08 16:33:19
Here's my notes from another "magazine": DISABLE F1 KEY: 080226TE: If you are frustrated by unintended launching of Help window when you hit the F1 key instead of the near ESC, you can switch off (suppress) this key, resp. map it to another, empty function. Run the CUI command and expand the "Keyboard shortcuts" > "Shortcut keys" section". In the command list at the bottom select a "harmless" command, e.g. Cancel (by pressing "C"). Drag this command to the "Shortcut keys" section. In the bottom right panel Properties, set the access key for this command - select the item "Key(s)" in the Access field and click on the ellipsis button "...". In the field "Press new shortcut key" hit the F1 key. Save your settings. The Help window can be then started through the pull-down menu or using the 'HELP command.. From CADForum: Tips and Tricks: CAD Tip #5998: 24.2.2008
Comment by ,
Posted on 2010-11-09 08:15:35
Here's what I do for R2006 and Newer ... http://lynn.blogs.com/lynn_allens_bl...st_autoca.html Then when upgrading I export and import the CUI from version to version For 2005 and older ... http://lynn.blogs.com/lynn_allens_blog/2005/10/the_best_autoca_1.html
Comment by Johnson,Nancy
Posted on 2010-11-09 10:31:57
Richard Leveille, a system administrator, writes: I started off with 4 users. We purchased 4 mice with buttons on the "thumb" side of the mouse such as the logitech mx310. We program the thumb button on the mice to behave as the escape key. I now have 200 users. They all have this type of mouse ( or similar ), so there is no issue with accidentally pressing the F1 key because they never have to reach for the escape key. The users absolutely love it.