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Find Hidden Windows
Tip# 3140 By Jesse Mower On 01-Feb-2009
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Here's how to access open windows that are unseen.

Jesse Mower sent us a tip on accessing open windows that are unseen.

With two office locations, I often go from dual screen to single screen, and back to dual. Sometimes I tell AutoCAD to pull up a tool window and it says it’s up, but I can’t see it! One day in frustration I smacked the keyboard and hit Shift+Alt+Spacebar. This opened a small menu that allowed me to click Move and use the arrow keys to move the open window onto the screen. What a find! I try to tell everyone I know.

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL:  Great tip.  If you have ever gone back to a single monitor after working with two, you might have noticed that some of your windows are not there.  Well, they are, you just can’t see them.  Windows adjusts your icons and windows to fit on one screen automatically, but sometimes it doesn’t work out just right.  Activate the application you need to find and press SHIFT+ALT+SPACEBAR to activate the control window for that application.  You can move, restore, close, etc., as appropriate.  Bookmark this very handy tip for the day you can’t find your window.
Tested in Windows XP Pro.


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Comment by Lamping,Charles
Posted on 2009-02-02 11:35:22
Alt+spacebar works for me. I don't think you need the shift. Also, if the window is offscreen, type "M" for move and then you'll be able to use the arrow keys to move it back onscreen. Good tip that I get asked about often!
Comment by ,
Posted on 2010-08-17 14:15:25
It's faster and easier to move the window with your mouse instead of the arrow keys. After pressing ALT+SPACEBAR and M, your mouse cursor will disapear. It has moved to the Title Bar of the window. Just pick and drag your mouse, the window will come with it.