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February 2010 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3356 By R.K. McSwain On 22-Feb-2010
Rated By 2 users Downloaded : 334
Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
Rename File To : FEB2010HTH/,FEB2010HTH/.DS_Store,FEB2010HTH/0210Harry-ReadMe.txt,FEB2010HTH/3C.LSP,FEB2010HTH/3DPNTLBL.LSP,FEB2010HTH/DivideMeasurePlus.lsp,FEB2010HTH/LEVEL.LSP,FEB2010HTH/level2.dwg,FEB2010HTH/Level4.dwg,FEB2010HTH/PLDIET.LSP,FEB2010HTH/TranslateWorldToObject.lsp
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For February, Harry's picks include the following:

3D Point Label — Benzigar Peter — Select all Point entities in the drawing and label their elevation.

3D Orbit Enhancement — Bill Gilliss — Enhance the operation of the 3DOrbit command so you can select an orbit center point or accept the default. The various 3D orbit options are available on the command line.

Polyline Diet — Kent Cooper — Eliminate extra polyline vertices based on the distance and angle between them. Extra vertices on collinear segments are deleted regardless of distance, and you have the choice of whether or not to straighten arc segments.

Divide and Measure Plus — Kent Cooper — There are more than a dozen improvements over the built-in Measure and Divide commands, including allowing for missed picks, multiple entity selection, the ability to use any block in the search path, and memory of your previous choices.

Place Elevation Levels — Neil Foden — Automate the placement of elevation levels. The routine loops so that you can place multiple level blocks based on the initial datum point.

Block Object Point Translation — Peter Jamtgaard — Translate points between the world and a block objects coordinate system, and vice versa. These routines handle irregular normal vectors and non-uniform scaling.


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