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Tip# 2158 By Mark Newman On 01-Oct-2006
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Categories : LISP Code Modules, Misc. User Tools, Drawing Properties
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2158: Directory.lsp
Displays the Windows Explorer program with the default folder the same as that of the current drawing.

Directory and Bigpurge (Tips #2158 and #2159) come from CAD manager Mark Newman, who has quite a job on his hands wrangling variably skilled CAD users onto the same page. CAD standards and practices aside, the only way to be successful is to automate the job -- and that's exactly what Mark's done with utilities. Both of these are simple functions that demonstrate how easy it is to achieve solutions to regular problems. Directory displays the Windows Explorer program with the default folder the same as the current drawing. When working with large directory structures that can save a lot of clicks, Bigpurge runs the Purge command several times and saves the drawing in 2004 format. Mark discovered this as a potential solution to corrupted drawings across the network and different versions of AutoCAD. Thanks for sharing your solutions!



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