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Create AutoCAD and Revit Videos with Project Chronicle
Tip# 4162 By Dave Hein On 22-Jul-2013
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Software type : AutoCAD 2014
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Try this free tool to record video and audio while working.

Engineer Dave Hein points us to an Autodesk Labs preview called Project Chronicle that will record video and audio of a user working in AutoCAD or Revit in order to create a training video.

"Do you often need to give a coworker some help with AutoCAD, but you're not in the same office, city, or even country? Or maybe you're responsible for company training, and are on the lookout for some new tools. Autodesk has something right up your alley that many folks have not seen yet: It's called Autodesk Project Chronicle, and it's designed to let you prepare a screen-capture video of your tutorial and upload it to the cloud for private or public viewing.

"What's really cool about Chronicle is the 'keyframe' feature that automatically understands what function or process workflow you've just used in the software. Those keyframes are logged in a timeline below the video to make it easy to go back and find parts that may need further study.

"The upload process converts your work to a video that you can link to or embed in a blog. And if you have a microphone, it will capture your narration as well.

"Project Chronicle is a free download that can be found in the Autodesk Labs page. Have a look; it's a great new tool to help you help others!"

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: Project Chronicle currently supports AutoCAD, Revit and their verticals. You can watch an overview video here. If you ever need to create a demonstration for another user, this may be your answer. Right now the software is free but it is a Labs Project, which means it is not finished and will likely be buggy.


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