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Complete CAD Tasks with the Windows Command Prompt
Tip# 4337 By Robert Zipprich On 14-Jul-2014
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This tip is for those who were never taught how to use the basic set of MS-DOS functions.

Remember DOS? MS-DOS? Some CAD users have never been schooled in how to use this basic set of functions.

For example: Want a quick list of your drawing names? Create a new text file and type in DIR *.D?? /ON/B >> _DWGLIST.TXT and save it as _DWGLIST.BAT. Save a copy of the file in the directory where the drawings reside, and then double-click on it. The file _DWGLIST.TXT is created with a list of drawing names.

DOS wildcards are * for any number of characters and ? for any single character. For a complete list of DOS functions in Windows 7, go to Start, click Run, type CMD in the dialog window, and press Enter. A (Command) window will open; type Help at the prompt, and press Enter.   

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: Robert's tip about creating a list of files is only one of many powerful things quickly acheivable with the Windows command prompt, still referred to by some as a DOS window. The Findstr command is another powerful one that can search entire drives for files containing a certain text string. Most commands offer help by typing in the command name followed by /? and then pressing Enter.

Remember, this applies to the Windows Command Prompt, not the AutoCAD command line.    


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Comment by Hill,Clinton
Posted on 2014-07-25 11:58:02
This method really worked well for me. After given the task of recording all drawing files stored on our project drive, I used the prescribed method and then further refined and formatted the output via MS Excel's spreadsheet tools (data sorting and filters) that really impressed management there!