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Assorted Inventor 2012 Time-Savers
Tip# 3854 By David Gaskill On 26-Mar-2012
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These tools, techniques, and shortcuts might speed up your Inventor work.

David Edward Gaskill sent in a long list of small Autodesk Inventor tools, techniques, and shortcuts that he likes to use.

  1. "Double-click an arrowhead node to change the arrow style.

  2. Associative Array must be a pattern in the part.

  3. Shrinkwrap is similar to Derived Components, but leverages LOD (level of detail).
  4. Right-click a feature and select Show Dimensions.
  5. Application options:
    -- Edit dimensions when created, check box
    -- Look at sketch plane on sketch creation
    -- Auto-project edges for sketch creation and edit.
  6. Adding parameters on the fly: Dia1=10mm, this adds the parameter as well as setting the dimension.

  7. To switch from a line to an arc, scrub an endpoint while holding the left mouse button.
  8. Right-click Dimension, then choose Copy Properties.
  9. To align text, first select the text, then right-click (works for balloons also).
  10. Extrude a surface and add thickness to make it a solid.

  11. Link LOD (level of detail); LOD must have the same name in all assemblies for this to work.

  12. Ground and Root are assembly tools for use with skeletal modeling."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: That’s quite a list! Try these various tools and techniques the next time you're working with Inventor.



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