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Customize the Quick Properties Palette
Tip# 3933 By Danny Korem On 16-Jul-2012
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Categories : Misc. Palettes
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Change the settings of the Quick Properties palette and teach it to quote x,y values.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem shares some insights about AutoCAD’s Quick Properties palette.

"Many users disabled the Quick Properties tool as soon as they could — they found it annoying. I find it very useful; it's the shortest way for your mouse to intervene in specific properties and/or make other properties accessible. I fell in love with this mini–Properties palette. There are two features that I especially like:

  1. By clicking the Customize icon in the upper right corner, you'll be led directly to the specific features you can choose from.
  2. You can change the Quick Properties settings to meet your needs.

"Two everyday tasks have become much easier since I started using the Quick Properties palette. First, when placing a chain of linear dimensions, I used to select several dimensions to alter them ("<>X Text") and add a second string under the dimension line. I changed the settings of the Quick Properties settings to meet my specific needs. By changing the number of rows, I made the Text Override Row accessible at all times.

"The second task involves alignment through the use of x,y values.

If text strings are not precisely aligned, and one is selected, its vertical or horizontal value can be copied, then quoted into the Varies value when all selected. This will cause unaligned text strings to become precisely aligned.

"In this case, I need to teach Quick Properties to quote x,y values. It's as easy as can be. First, click on the Customize icon. Then, while in the CUI environment, at the right side, select as shown:

"Since text was selected, while customizing you'll be directly led to the text object. In the right column, include one or several unchecked properties, click on Apply/OK, and you're ready to go. In our case, I'd select Text Alignment X/Y.

I promised it would be easy, didn't I?"

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: I agree with this tipster: The Quick Properties palette can be very annoying, and very useful. Personally, I keep it turned off, but I also keep the “regular” Properties palette open and docked all of the time. But I also have access to multiple screens, so screen real estate is not an issue for me, unless I am working on my laptop.

One problem with the Quick Properties palette is that it seems to pop up at the least convenient location. Move it to where you want it to pop up every time, right-click on the right column (to access the Quick Properties settings), click Location Mode, then check Static. This way, the Quick Properties palette will pop up at the same place every time.


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