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Start Commands with a Double Click
Tip# 3367 By William Work On 15-Mar-2010
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Categories : Menus
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Change the double-click action from the Properties command to an object creation command.

Tipster William Work sends us a time-saving tip for starting commands with two quick clicks.

"Once Rollover Tooltips and Quick Properties were added to AutoCAD, it no longer seemed necessary to have the double-click action for most objects to execute the Properties command. Where practical, I have edited my CUI (Customized User Interface) to assign the appropriate object creation command as the double-click action for that type of object.

"For example, the double-click action for the line object now executes the Line command, the circle object executes the Circle command, the arc object executes the Arc command, and so on. Once an object has been placed in the drawing, I can simply double-click it to create another one. Adopting this system helps improve productivity by reducing interaction with the ribbon and the keyboard."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:

It could take some time to change each setting, but this is an interesting concept. To execute this tip, open the Customized User Interface by typing CUI on the Command line. Browse to the Double Click settings area and expand it. Browse to the command that you want to change, such as Line, and expand it. Click the Properties option. On the right panel, in the Macro field, replace Properties with Line. Next time you double-click on a line, you'll launch the Line command instead of opening the Properties Manager.


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Comment by Seigworth,Robert
Posted on 2010-03-15 16:17:23
This is a great idea, however, when you change the macro from "Properties" to "Line", it changes most of the other double-click commands to execute the "Line" command. This lead me to change the double-click action to "Make Layer Current" (laymcur). By using this command which actually copies over to most of the other double-click commands, I can double-click on an entity to change my current layer. Thanks for the idea.