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Tip# 1912 By Rodney Gaines On 01-Dec-2003
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Categories : Menus, Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip1912: GOOGLE.TXT
Menu macro lets you access the Google.com search engine from AutoCAD.

Tip #1912
Don t forget that you can easily access Internet sites from within AutoCAD. This menu macro brings up the
Google.com search engine directly within the AutoCAD Tools menu. In ***POP6, add the bold text between the two lines begining with ID_PointA and ID_MeetNow:
ID_PointA [&Autodesk Point A]^C^C_^C^C_ browser
[&Google]^C^C_browser http://www.google.com
ID_MeetNow [&Meet Now]^C^C_MeetNow



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