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Double Object Snap Menu Macro
Tip# 4497 By Paul S. Christianson On 06-Jul-2015
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Software type : AutoCAD 2016
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Customize the AutoCAD menu for your personal object snap needs.

A tip I have carried through many AutoCAD releases is adding double osnaps on the shortcut menu Object Snap Cursor menu. These are applied to special situations that normal Osnap won't catch. It will be different for each user, but we use Insert to Mid.  The menu command is INS;/MID;. 

We have a tag block for equipment in every drawing. The insert of the block is 4" away from the center of the block, so the tag will be spaced 4" away from the from the front of the equipment. We use this with the Move command to easily move the placed blocks around when the floor plan changes — our customers change a lot!

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: What Paul is describing is a great way to customize the menu for your personal needs. The syntax in this menu macro includes INS for insertion point object snap, then a semicolon represents pressing Enter. The slash is a pause to let the user select a point, then the MID object snap is selected along with another semicolon (Enter). You may not need this exact macro, but you can probably think of something similar that you could customize. See also Tip #3988 for a similar idea and screenshots.


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