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Build a Custom Cursor Menu
Tip# 4510 By Joey Price On 20-Jul-2015
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Software type : AutoCAD 2016
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Put your favorite AutoCAD blocks at your fingertips by customizing your Cursor menu.

Do you have blocks in your AutoCAD library that you use more frequently than others? Why not put those blocks at your fingertips?
I have my favorite osnaps, LISP routines, and blocks on my mouse wheel.
I have the Object Snap Cursor menu on my mouse wheel — command Mbuttonpan and set to zero. This will activate the Object Snap Cursor menu on your mouse wheel.
The Object Snap Cursor menu is found under Shortcut menus in the CUI. Click on the + to the left of the menu title, and it expands the commands that are available in the menu. You then have the option to drag and relocate commands as desired. By right-clicking you can remove unwanted commands and create new sub-menus. I have a sub-menu for my steel blocks, masonry blocks, and timber blocks. I also have a sub-menu for my LISP routines.
Once you have your sub-menu created, go to the command list below, find the command you are looking for, and drag it under the sub-menu or whereever you would like it in the Object Cursor menu.
Since you are modifying the AutoCAD menu, I recommend you save a copy of your out-of-the-box menu before making any of these changes.
We have found this to be a great time saver in our office.

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: If you don't want to disable the ability to pan with the scroll button, you can leave the Mbuttonpan set to 1. To activate the Cursor menu, you can press the Shift key and right-click.

To make copying and migrating your custom menu easier in the future, build a custom cursor menu as a separate CUI file (loaded as a partial menu).


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